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3900 Advanced Series Nanotechnology Metal Stamping Lubricant
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The 3900 Series Advanced Formula Metal Stamping Nano-Emulsion is an oil-free lubricant that has been developed to meet the demands of the full spectrum of metal stampers. This product has been proven in a full range of stamping operations. Through the utilization of nanotechnology this remarkable formula activates at the molecular level under extreme pressure and heat to provide a continual interface between tool and part. Ideal for High Strength Steels and Aluminum. Our customers have been astonished at how the 3900 has "the strength of an oil, but with oil-free benefits" like ease of cleaning, enhancing weld-over and being Environment and Operator safe.

Tested & Approved:

The 3900 Series has been Approved by leading Automakers under the strictest tests of adhesion, clean-ability and non-foaming performance. Due to the low viscosity the amount of product required at the press is reduced, while the complete wetting properties provide lubricity at the form by maintaining maximum surface tension. One of the greatest benefits is the extended tool and die life and the cost savings of reducing the frequency of recoating. You can receive increased precision, reduced scrap rate and extended die life enhancing production at every stage.


   • Extend Die Life
    • Decrease Coating Wear
    • Reduce Scrap Rate 
    • Maximum Friction Reduction
    • Full-Coverage Wetting
    • Minimal Residue 
    • Resists Corrosion
    • Enhances Weld without Cleaning  
    • Assists Forming Precision 
    • Oil-Free For Easy Clean-up 
    • Eco-friendly for Disposal 
    • Clean and Safe for Operators

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