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      3900 FAQs

Q:  What is Nanotechnology?

A:  Technology that deals with dimensions and tolerances of less than 100 nanometers, especially the manipulation of individual atoms and molecules.  Our 3900 Signature Series with Nanotechnology provides the next level of forming performance without the use of oil.


Q:  How does the 3900 Series Stamping Lubricant use Nanotechnology?

A:  This lubricant is developed to activate at the molecular level. The 3900 Series provides the best benefits of both oil-based and synthetic-based lubricants. Nano- emulsion significantly decreases heat and provides a thorough wetting of the metal for full coverage and affinity to the tool and part surface.


Q:  Does the 3900 Series Stamping Lubricant Cost More?

A:  The 3900 Series Stamping Lubricant reduces operating cost of the stamping process. There are various blends available to fit your current cost structure.  Cost savings go well beyond the cost per gallon because this product extends tool and die coating life, reduces galling, reduces scrap rates and improves surface finish quality.


Q:  What if this product does not meet all of our requirements?

A:  Consultant Lubricants has 4 decades of experience adjusting formulas to precisely match our customer’s needs at no additional charge.


Q:  Can the 3900 Series handle the new challenges of Advanced High Strength Steel and Aluminum?

A:  Absolutely!  In fact, it performs so well it has been Approved by Major Automotive Manufacturers.


Q: What is the risk of corrosion using the 3900 Series Lubricant?

A: The 3900 Series formulation is oil free, but is treated to resist corrosion from both red and white rust.  As corrosion protection requirements are customer site specific, please consult with our technical staff to determine the proper concentration of the stamping lube based on your storage needs.  We do offer products, both water and oil based, for long-term storage.  Both the 3900 Series lubricants and long term inhibitors are easily welded over without issue.  And, both are easily removed in typical parts wash systems prior to paint.


Q: Can the 3900 Series lubricant work in very precise stamping requirements with tight tolerances?

A:  Due to the low (thin) viscosity of the 3900 Series even in the concentrate, manufacturers are able to hold tighter tolerances without any hydraulic push back from oil base lubes. In some cases it has been the sole difference between a part splitting or not. The 3900 helps preserve the proper part thickness and enables greater forming accuracy without hydraulic issues.


Q: How easy is it to remove the lubricant from stamped pieces?

A:  The 3900 Series of lubricants will wash off easily in typical water based parts cleaning systems.  Even at lower bath temperatures, it will not generate foaming issues or contaminate cleaning baths like that of oil-based products. The 3900 adds less “soil load” to the cleaning baths, typically extending bath life and requiring less pre-treatment chemicals.   This chemistry is approved by one of the largest pre-treatment chemical suppliers in the world!


Q: How will this lubricant effect my welding process?

A:  The 3900 Series lubricant can actually cut costs in your welding process.  The lubricant doesn't interfere with weld penetration, increases weld strength and decreases weld porosity.  It also reduces smoke in the welding process and can eliminate the need for parts washing prior to welding.

Q: Is the 3900 Series lubricant environmentally friendly?

A: Yes!  It is eco-compliant for discharge.  The 3900 lubricant is OIL FREE and worker friendly. We have no skin irritation or air quality issues with this product. Area around press is less slippery and easy to clean with plain water only.


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