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4100 Advanced Semi-Synthetic Long Life Soluble Oil CNC Machining & Grinding Coolant
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Consultant Lubricants' 4100 Series Machining Coolants are oil based coolants treated with synthetic additives designed to provide the sump life properties of soluble oil but with the clean running performance and extended longevity of full synthetic products. 

Tested & Approved:

The 4100 Series of coolants are treated with various levels of extreme pressure and lubricity performance depending on the severity of each application.  When mixed with water, the 4100 Series coolants produce a stable, milky emulsion that rejects tramp oils. Consult with your CLI representative for the precise product for YOUR application.



  • Excellent Solubility
  • 1-2 Year Sump Life
  • Low-Foaming
  • Rejects Tramp Oil
  • Prevents Biomass
  • Minimizes Residue
  • Low Consumption
  • Operator & Eco-Safe
  • Coolant Analysis Program


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