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4900 Advanced Synthetic Machining & Grinding Coolant
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The 4900 Series Advanced Machining Coolant is developed as a multi-functional coolant for use in all machining and grinding applications.  It provides excellent tool life (especially on harder materials), runs very clean inside and outside of machine, is non foaming, provides immediate tramp oil rejection, resists biomass growth and 2 years sump life. The 4900 Series provides the greatest level of operator acceptance of any coolant formulated in the history of our company.  We utilize safe components and extremely low biocide levels to reduce the possibility of skin irritation to the operator. 


Tested & Approved:

The 4900 Series is formulated for superior resistance to bacterial and fungal growth than any coolant on the market today. Depending on soil load and water quality, the 4900 Series will typically provide trouble free performance for 1 year or longer before requiring a coolant change. Bottom line, the 4900 Series eliminates coolant rancidity from being the primary reason for a coolant dump / recharge event. The 4900 Series is pH balanced and buffered to maintain a system free from odors and slime.  Field studies show approximately 30% less 4900 Series coolant is required to keep machine charged to the right concentration.

The water portion of the coolant mixture provides the primary cooling properties. However, the 4900 Series does something not seen by other synthetic coolant formulas. The 4900 Series effectively forces heat into the chip where it is then carried away without imposing heat into the part.  Parts that typically warm to the touch after an aggressive machining operation will remain “ice cold” when machined using the 4900 Series coolant. The major benefit from this is the cooler part does not expand or contract during the machining operation translating into improved tolerance control.



  • Clean Circulation
  • 1-2 Year Sump Life
  • Low-Foaming
  • Rejects Tramp Oil
  • Prevents Biomass
  • Minimizes Residue
  • Low Consumption
  • Operator & Eco-Safe
  • Coolant Analysis Program



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