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7500 Advanced Dry Oil Metal Stamping Compound
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The 7500 Series Advanced Dry Oil Metal Stamping Lubricant has been developed to meet the demands of the full spectrum of metal stampers. This product has been proven to enable greater precision forming and the holding of tighter tolerances, often eliminating secondary manual finishing. Heat activated synthetic polymers "interface" between tool and material under high pressure to form stainless steel and aluminized steel typically reserved for soluble oils. Expect less maintenance on form tools, knives, and punches for all tools with reduced scrap rate due to increased lubrication performance. 7500 provides a cleaner work area with operator and environmentally safe performance. 


Tested & Approved:

The 7500 Series is non-reactive. It will not attack rubber seals, electrical or machine components, floor mats, applicator systems, concrete, or any other type of machine material. 7500 eliminates excess oil from the part.  Current oils leave behind tacky, oily residues that do not evaporate and generate smoke when heated. Ideal for heat shields. Does not interfere with sensors or camera performance. Synthetic lube film residue can be welded through without issue. Lubricant films left on the part with our will NOT continue to "run" and accumulate in hems or low lying areas of the part.  This product will not "wick" into cardboard boxes during storage further reducing customer rejects. 

  kangalube heat shield  


  • Aluminum & Steel
  • Ideal For Auto Heat Shields
  • Higher Flash Points
  • Clean Environment
  • Scrap Reduction
  • Reduce Die Wear
  • Minimal Residue
  • Operator & Eco-Safe


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