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Cost Savings Across All Stages of Operations

The choice of lubrication affects every stage of operation in manufacturing. Therefore the correct lubrication can provide cost savings at every stage of your operation. Improper lubricity stretches material below tolerances, increasing rejects. Labor costs increase when fixing imperfections by hand are required. Rough part surfaces affects paint and coating adherence at finishing stages. Tooling recoating costs are one of the biggest expenses a manufacturer has and the more frequently your equipment is down - the more it costs you. Increased lubricant usage is rarely an answer to difficult challenges at the press. With heavy oils additional cleaning is required and these stages add significant time to any production process. Most lubricants require clean-off prior to any welding being done. Increased insurance claims and health liability result from the use of hazardous oils and significant costs are associated with the disposal and regulations of hazardous oils. 

In contrast, proper lubricity allows material to be formed within accepted tolerances with no imperfections, decreasing rejects and rework. The ideal lubricant interface will minimize galling and surface scarring while protecting and extending tool life. A real value for manufacturers are lubricants formulated that can perform at greater dilutions and extend your investment. Reclaim productivity by utilizing lubricants that keep up with production require little to no cleaning and do not contaminate baths. These lubricants actually enhance welding flux and are spatter resistant. Our water-based products eliminating hazardous exposure to workers and environment requiring no special regulations for disposal or monitoring by OSHA. See our Testimonials page to hear more about the impact of the 3900 Series.

Request a consultation and we can review with you the cost savings you could receive. As always, we never leave you with a half solution. Our lead products are the result of years of consultative solutions for manufacturers. But, if your exact application requires a formulation adjustment to precisely match your need - we will provide this at no additional charge. It’s what we do best!












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