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Services to analyze and formulate solutions that increase your profits!

At Consultant Lubricants, we offer complimentary consulting services to our clients in the metalworking industry. 
Our staff of experienced professionals utilizes a combination of on-site analysis, in-house laboratory resources, and blend-to-order capabilities to create solutions to increase production efficiencies and solve production problems to increase your company’s profit.

On Site Analysis

On-site Analysis

Our on-site analysis includes extensive data collection and collaboration with operators and engineers to the means to improve your production efficiencies and/or identify the cause of your production problems. Our investigative techniques save you time and expense by allowing us to gather relative data in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In-House Laboratory

In-house Laboratory and Testing

Our in-house laboratory and full-time chemists expedite the problem-to-solution process. We typically can turn inefficiencies and problems into money-saving solutions in a matter of days. Our expertise in the chemistry and properties of metalworking fluids and compounds can help you continue to run an efficient and profitable business.

Blend to Order


Combining quick turn-around time with detailed quality control, our blend-to-order process ensures that each order is completed promptly and correctly. From bulk quantities to pints, no order is too large or too small for our customers.

Humidity Cabinet

Accelerated Environmental Testing

Consultant Lubricants utilizes an Accelerated Environmental Testing Cabinet as part of our in-house laboratory.
At ZERO COST TO OUR CLIENTS, we will run various ASTM Standard Methods including humidity and salt spray tests to analyze the water resistance of various coatings to help predict service life and prove the paint process is performing within specification. These test results can be used to pre-qualify paint adhesion and salt spray resistance prior to submitting for 3rd party lab certification. Additional benefits include comparing corrosion protection of rust inhibitors on various materials and determining the level of corrosion protection your lubricant may require to match your manufacturing and storage processes. Common tests performed are: Standard Non-Condensing Humidity Test, ASTM B117-09 Salt Spray Test, ASTM D1748, ASTM D1735, ASTM D2247.

These scientific procedures have been instrumental in the development of the 3900 Series Nanotechnology Stamping Lubricant and determining its success against various conditions.

cli guarantee

Using our dedicated laboratory, our chemists will test your current fluids at zero cost to you.We will scientifically develop a custom blend that improves your production efficiency or solves a specific production problem.Then we will guarantee that when our custom blend works for your production line, it will also work for your bottom line.
All risk-free and at no cost to you.

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