Consultant Lubricants Signature Blends

Range of Products

Synthetic Solutions

We have “cracked the code” in creating a full-synthetic product that rivals straight oils in difficult, deep draw, stamping operations with AHSS materials. Developed in conjunction with an automotive parts stamper, our family of synthetic compounds continues to astound the skeptics by extending tool life, prolonging die coating life and outperforming other synthetic products available. Huge boost to the industry. Ideal for Automakers. 

Water-Soluble Oils

Our extreme-pressure soluble oils are ideal for use in a setting where a variety of applications are present.
Signature blends from this product family may be used straight for the most severe applications or pre-diluted with water for use on lighter applications. The Series is fortified for easy removal in a common parts-washer system prior to paint, but if left on the part, it provides extended corrosion protection at any dilution. The unique chemistry in this category protects all grades of tool steels (especially carbide tooling) from degradation.

Multi-Purpose Metalworking Coolants

Exceptionally long sump life and high operator acceptance are hallmarks of our signature series of
Multi-Purpose Metalworking Coolants.Their stable chemistry successfully manages fungal/bacterial
levels and controls foam.This Series has excellent wetting properties that extends tool life and provides
superb corrosion protection on machine tools and parts being produced, including cast iron.

Specialty Greases

New technology in modern-day manufacturing requires new technology in specialty greases. We have developed an array of specialty greases with custom chemistry to meet the most challenging production processes. Our specialty greases include dielectric silicone grease, Lithium (food grade), multi-purpose bearing grease, synthetic grease, and more.

Pre-treatment Chemicals

Consultant Lubricants’ pre-treatment chemicals were developed in real-life problem-solving scenarios where our customers mandated improved performance in cleaning, phosphating, rinsing and sealing. They were pleasantly overwhelmed with the improvements we delivered to their process and to their bottom line.

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