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Consultant Lubricants' Profile

Mel Kohl - Consultant Lubricants PresidentMel KohlCLI President "Our clients appreciate how we're willing to test, formulate, and re-formulate if necessary to blend the most effective solution...risk-free and at no cost to them."

Consultant Lubricants, Inc. was established in 1976, by Mel Kohl, a petroleum geologist, who is also the company's CEO and President.


Our formulating and blending experience allow us to develop innovative compounds at a moment's notice to provide solutions or fulfill special needs.

CLI has been solving challenging coolant and lubrication issues within the metalworking industry for decades. Our purpose is to create superior custom products that reduce our client's total operating costs and increase their profits.

Our specialty formulas are industry tested for quality and performance and represent the best in the industry.


We do this through our experienced technical field personnel, our on-site laboratory with our own full-time chemists, and our on-site testing equipment.

We've made an impact in several industries, including: Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation, Industrial Manufacturing, Hardware and Electrical, Lawn and Garden, Pretreatment…just to name a few.

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