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Follow us as we demonstrate the success and numerous benefits of CLI 3900.

CLI3900 has the reputation of radically improving the manufacturing process at many facilities. From stamping to welding to plating - this product provides clean and powerful results, with numerous savings and benefits at every stage of the operation.     

Improving Part Accuracy

The Best Lube You’ve Never Heard Of

Improves Part Quality & Finish

Give us your toughest part to stamp

Positively impacts all stages

Signature CLI 4900 Coolant


Successful consultation and new formula solution with heat shield manufacturer.

CLI7500RNO has been developed through the consultative process of solving the various challenges our customer faced.

More Is Not Always Better

Our Product Aligned To Your Process

Development of CLI 7500RNO



"Tired of trial and error? Consultant Lubricants developed a stamping lube that was ideal for our process."

We continue to hear testimonials of companies that have had great results with our products. Advanced Stamping Compounds
 are revolutionizing results in a range of industrial applications. Check out these testimonials from our customers...

Assessing Production Challenges.

Flexibility of Custom Solutions.

Meeting the Challenges of AHSS.

This lube gets better with heat!

Lubricity + Surface Tension!

The True Cost Per Part.



Consultant Lubricants has a reputation of being a partner with our customers in their production needs. We leverage years of troubleshooting experience in the industry to provide long-term solutions that add value and increase savings at every stage.

Savings Beyond Initial Cost.

Consistent Partner.

Custom Solution. 
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